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New to caring for an infant? No problem, I will assist you during the first days of being a parent, and provide excellent instruction on infant care, breastfeeding and lactation consulting, and Infant CPR Instruction


Being a new parent is hard, I will assist with basic household chores, as well as sleeping in the same room as the baby at night, to allow new parents to get much needed peaceful rest.


I have over 30 years of experience working in Hospitals, neonatal care facilities, and in-home consulting. I am certified and licensed in many states, and are extensively trained in infant care.

I will instruct you in such basics as bathing, bottle and or breast feeding, burping, changing diapers, solving lactation problems and other early difficulties, cord and circumcision care, formula preparation, normal growth and development, taking your baby’s temperature, when to call the paediatrician, and much much more.

I will even teach infant CPR to the new parents and grandparents. Whether you are formula feeding or breast feeding, I can help with overnight feedings, so you can sleep and rest.

I will gladly assist at home with an older child while helping mom maintain bed rest. I am always happy to prepare simple meals for the family. I will gladly shop, run infant related errands, or do laundry. I do not offer childcare, or transport older children to or from school and play dates.

I care for high risk expecting mothers, preemies, multiples, infants on monitors, full term infants, infants on oxygen and more. I'm fully licensed and insured, and am registered professional nurse.

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I cannot say enough good things about Traveling Baby Nurse. I wish she could've stayed forever. I loved that she is the most patient person on earth and took the time to answer every question carefully and gently. She is still responsive to me via email and phone and Facebook too! I've never been around babies and had no clue how to do anything. Traveling Baby Nurse taught me how to care for my son, and while I was still hormonal and uncomfortable / in pain from giving birth, she also made me learn how to enjoy my son!


My name is Kristen and I employed Traveling Baby Nurse to be our nurse to help assist with the care of my newborn daughter and with my special needs son who was four at the time. With no family to help, I sought their services because of the complications I had with the delivery of my son and I was anticipating that history would repeat itself. Not only did the Nurse take excellent care of my son while I was delivering my daughter but she, in fact, saved my life. When I came home from the hospital, it was only a few hours before I developed an infection. I became septic and almost lost my life. I spent the following two weeks in the hospital fighting the infection while the Nurse was at my home caring for my daughter and my son I couldn't care for. If it wasn't for Traveling Baby Nurse, I never would've known that I was toxic and that I I had to seek immediate medical attention. They were the most terrifying and difficult two weeks of my life. Traveling Baby Nurse made it so much for me and gave me peace of mind knowing that my special needs son was loving, capable, experienced, educated hands. She dressed up my kids in their Sunday best and Skyped with me so I could see them since they couldn't come and visit me. Traveling Baby Nurse's knowledge, experience and compassion is worth every penny and more.


The best thing my husband and I did was to get help the first 2 weeks the baby was home. I had a c section in the hospital and there's no one better than Traveling Baby Nurse! She has over 30 years of experience in all levels of caring for babies (from critical care in the hospital to caring for babies in their homes). She took amazing care of our little one and of me and my husband as well. She made sure I was able to recover by keeping us well fed and rested. She also educated us regarding taking proper care of our baby. I'm a nurse but I was lost with newborn care-she left me feeling more secure and confident. She is also the type of person you don't mind having in your home (I was a bit nervous about that as well). She was great and in the end we made a new friend. Oh, and she's willing to be there for you with questions/concerns long after she leaves your home.

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